Orinda Theater

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In the Spirit of Lennon (Drew Harrison)
Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 5:00 PM

In the Spirit of Lennon (Drew Harrison)

The world knows John Lennon - The Beatle.  There are numerous bands paying tribute to The Beatles' music around the world; enchanting fans everywhere.

Imagine John Lennon’s music unplugged…Lennon’s songs as Lennon intended, and the stories behind them! 

In the Spirit of Lennon is Drew Harrison’s intimate acoustic tribute to John Lennon, and interpretaon of his music. He goes beyond just sounding like him, and captures the intensity that Lennon brought to the Beatles music as well as his own. 

Hear Lennon’s songs as Lennon intended and the stories behind them! 

“Drew has a great voice. His Lennon is impeccable; I feel like I am in the room with Lennon himself.”     
Bob Brown, Manager (former) – Huey Lewis and the News 

“Drew Harrison is dynamic, entertaining and he draws you in. If you hear him performing his original work you are   
entranced by his storytelling and passion. If you see him perform his Lennon tribute, you feel like you’re in the room   with John.”                                 
Steve Keyser, Music Promoter – SK Productions 

“A very talented musician with an amazing voice. I enjoyed him very much.”                 
Bonnie Raitt, Recording Artist  

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